fredag 22. mai 2015


This cover did I discover on the sidewalk near the Rambla. Probably fairly old since no wheels have worn it blank. I brushed it clean and photographed it while two young girls stood laughing. Then they asked and I could tell about the world wide family of quirky manholes bloggers.
Have not found any information about street fittings from PUJOL Xicoy online. Photo may 2015.

 Nothing found online: A circular fret pattern,  two oak leaf and the letters CGE which encirles each other. 1843 

Traditional manhole of Barcelone with Coat of Arms. The saint Jorge cross and the four bars of catalonia.

 Cast iron tiles as street adornments - show Craft Fellowship and recommandations of the local shop.

onsdag 20. mai 2015

Manhole cover of Catalonia 2015

Monestir the Montserrat

This blanc worn cover shows the Coat of arms belonging to Municipality Barcelona.  It show  the cross of Sant Jordi (George) and the four bars of Catalonia. Josep Colomer founded the ironwork factory in 1914 in Sabadell. The company is still running. Alcantarillado means sewer system.The photo is taken at Monestir the Monteserrat in may 2015.


Sewer System.  Photo may 2015

Sant Vincenc de Castellet

The castle is central in the Coat of Arms of Sant Vicenc de Castellet. The city was the center of a barony. In this case it was the barony of Castellet, granted in 1797 to Marià Alegre d'Aparici i. The two ?? and the dear is not clear. Probably the four figures in the Baronys CoA. They are not represented i the municipal CoA. Photo may 2015

Along the river Llobregat

The cover represent a great brine collector plant in order to improve the water supply to Barcelona:
The Llobregat is a 156 km long river, which supplies 35% of the Barcelona's drinking water needs from the Sant Joan Despí Water Treatment Plant. Since the establishment of the Salt Mine Works in the Llobregat basin in 1923, a progressive salinization of the water sources has been recorded. The operation of the Brine Collector, as a public work carried out by Aigües de Barcelona (AGBAR), started in 1989; it enabled a very significant improvement in the quality of the surface water used for drinking-water production. Photo taken at Navarcles in may 2015.

Pratt de Llucanes

The barony representet by the castle.


Borreda is situated in the upper valley of the Margençol river in the east of the comarca. There are several notable houses from the 17th and 18th centuries. About 600 inhabitans. No sign of cover with CoA. Recommend hotel Cal Bardolet.

La Pobla de Lillet

La Pobla de Lillet is a municipality in the comarca of the Berggueda in Catalonia. It is located in the upper valley of the Llobregat river. The village include the 15th-century bridge and the Sanctuary of Falgars and remains of the late 13th-century fortress.No cover with CoA. Fundicio Ductil Benito, S.L. provides urban equipments. It was seen everywhere. The Company designs, manufactures, and distributes a range of street lighting products, site furnishing, playground and sports equipment, covers, and grates.


No sign of cover with CoA at Puigcerda. Made by Cortadellas foundry in Barcelona  barely to be seen.